Thursday, June 25, 2009

tHe LiTtLe ThInGs...(lots of random thoughts)

*Note: You may not want to read if you don't want to listen to me vent this post is more for me then anyone else.

I have really been thinking lately that I don't sit and appreciate the little things in my life enough. I am always trying so hard to be the perfect mom, wife, friend, daughter, and sister that I don't take the time to enjoy the moment. I need to take advantage of the moments Maisey wants me to read to her or play ring around the rosies with her or even Beckham just wanting me to sit and talk to him. Before I know it these two are going to be grown and too busy to be bothered with "playing" with mommy. I feel like lately I have put too must waisted time into being a great friend to people that in the end have burned me anyway (I know that sounds negative but I have really struggled with this lately). My family needs to be my priority in my life and I don't need the "high school" drama in my life. I have made a goal for myself to weed out un-needed stress in my life and I am excited to be able to start over and really appreciate my husband and kids more. I love that my kids and Cade will be here for me no matter what and I can depend on them for ANYTHING. I love the way Maisey wants to do everything I am doing. I love how all I have to do is look at Beckham and he gives me that big cheesy smile. My kids love me unconditionally and what more could I really ask for?

I have decided that there are some people in my life that continue to hurt me and put me in a bad place. I have asked myself many times, "what would Christ do?" I have decided that I really don't know what he would do but the only thing that I can see is the right thing to do is to continue to be nice but distance myself. I understand that everyone has weeknesses and I know I have plenty but I cannot surround myself with people who continue to bring me down. I need to stop wasting energy on these things and concentrate on the little things in my life that make me happy.

Today is the day that I have decided to stop dwelling on the hard things in my life right now and start concentrating on the positive. I have been struggling and have been so down lately and I don't want to feel this way any more so I have asked myself what can I do to change things? I have realized I can change my atttitude. I have SO much to be grateful for and I need to focus more on the little things. Sorry for venting but I have had one of those days that I really just needed to get this off my chest. I really am gratefuly for the true friends that I do have and for my adorable family that I love so much!


Darbee said...

Oh Kels,
I am so sorry you are having a hard time right now. I hope you know that you are NOT alone! We all go through tough times... and this is one of yours. It will get better! You have a good attitude about it, and sometimes it's just recognizing all the good in your life to realize that things aren't so bad afterall.
Take a little "Time-Out!" When I get down, a little break from reality always gets me back on track and feeling better about things... and myself. If you wait a few more days, I'll watch the kids for you and you can go get a little TLC at the spa or something.
Good Luck and Hang in there. You are an amazing person, Kels. Anyone that doesn't appreciate that... you can do without! :)

Anderson Family said...

Hey Kels,

I'm sorry about your stress and drama. I too have had to realize that life is about family and thats it! Friends are just the icing on the cake ya know? You are a geat mom and so stop beating yourself up. Nobody is perfect and thankfully we all have the chance to start anew every day. Please don't be too down, and call me if you ever need to talk!


Stephanie Johnson said...


I never leave comments on people's blogs, but I think that your "venting" is actually very inspirational! It is a good reminder for all of us to appreciate the little things and the things that really matter! It is so easy to get caught up in all the daily junk that we really don't focus on what matters most!! I think that is so awesome that you aspire to do better and be better and it makes me want to do the same!!!

Sale and Jaimee said...

Hey Kels, I know you posted this a long time ago but I havent been checking blogs lately. My phone is still not working so I hope you can get this message soon. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I'm sure Cade took great care of you on your day as I know he always does. In regards to your post I completely feel how you feel. No need to worry though because you are superwoman. I serioulsy have always looked up to you as a person and a great mother. Family is all we will have in the end so that is where our focus should be 1st. Friends just fill in an extra space if there is any left. Remember your true friends aren't gonna be upset if you haven't had time for them or even if you haven't talked in awhile. Just know that if there came a time that you really needed them for anything they would come to your rescue. Your good friends understand how it is on the other side so they wont judge you. They won't make ya feel bad or guilty for not being in contact for awhile. Continue on being you Kels. You are such an amazing person with such a huge heart. Love ya

Jen Bird said...

So true! I think I am always worried about being the best friend, neighbor....etc instead of just enjoying the time I have with my kids and really savoring each moment!! I worry that I'll regret not enjoying these moments of craziness and wish I would have just enjoyed every minute! Thanks for the reminder!