Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm in trouble...

This morning I woke to a huge bang and then a sudden shouting/crying. I ran to Maisey's room and sure enough she had fallen out of her crib. She has started a new thing lately with climbing so I'm assuming she was trying to climb out and instead face planted. It scared me so bad and now I'm wondering what I should do? Her crib is on the lowest setting and she can still manage her way out. I really am not looking forward to the toddler bed thing when she can get out of bed whenever she wants. Oh that would be a nightmare. Any other ideas?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. Appointment...

So I had my 14 week appointment to day and I was really hoping that my doctor could at least make a decent guess on the sex of the baby (I know it's really early but I'm dying to know). Ya there was no way she could even guess. At first she said "I'm pretty sure it's a girl because I can't see anything that looks like a boy," but then a couple minutes later she says "oh wait that kind of looks like a boy right there." So basically she had no clue. I will have my big ultra sound in 4 weeks so they should be able to for sure tell me then. But everything looks really good and the cute little bug was sucking its thumb (great another thumb sucker).

Friday, August 22, 2008

Girls Camp:

I have been slow posting about girls camp because I was only home for one day and then I packed up and left for Park City with Cade's family for the week. I haven't had a chance to upload my pics to my computer so I can share them but I will add them later. I just wanted to post about a few highlights of girls camp.

*Being with all the leader's (we had the best time together and everyone got along so well)

*We did a "Hold to the Rod" course that was so amazing. I think I got more out of it then the girls did but I hope it made an everlasting impression on them. It was extremely spiritual and I bawled through the whole thing.

*Lake time on the canoe's (although I opted to use a paddle boat instead), I got to watch one of the leaders canoes tip over and not once but twice. It was hilarious.

*I loved the challange course, I watched the girls go through the high wire part and it was so fun to watch them challenge themselves.

*Of course testimony meeting is always a huge highlight, it's always nice and refreshing to bare your testimony but it is the best to hear the girls. They have such sweet spirits and testimonies and I really did learn a lot from them.

*Watching all the girls get soaked by the Bishop and Brother Jones (I sure was glad that I stayed out of it). I have to say the men were the worst with the water fightss. It was against the rules but shhh don't tell anyone.

*We had an activity based on cinnimon rolls (it sounds silly but it was awesome). I don't want to make it too long so I'll leave out the details but it gave the girls a chance to really open up to eachother and get to know some of the girls they didn't know very well.

Overall girls camp was amazing and I just feel blessed to have my calling. I left camp with so much more then I went with. I always feel so good after spending a few days with the girls and spending time getting closer to my Heavenly Father. I'm so thankful for all the help I had from the leaders, they made it all work out perfectly. Thanks for reading (sorry it's so long). I'll post my pics later.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Busy Time Beads:

I am having a "Busy time beads" party on Tues. Aug. 26th from 6-8 at my sister in laws house in Syracuse. If any of you aren't sure what this is, it is a bracelet watch company where you have a watch face that can interchange with different bracelets. They are really cute. If any of you are interested in coming leave me a comment and I'll get you an address or you can call me too. Thanks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maisey's First Birthday:

I have been slow getting these pics posted from Maisey's party but here are some highlights and some pictures from her party last week...

This was her free Cake, she absolutely LOVED diving into it (my camera died so I don't have the pics from her cake but when I get them, I will post them).

She was loving the food, she ate a TON! I swear this kid has a bottomless pit stomach.

She got so spoiled and she loves all her new presents. The little tike red vehicle thing is what Cade and I got her and she loves it but she still can't figure out how to move it with her feet. She is so darling in it though. She had such a fun birthday and she loved being the center of attention (I know we're in trouble). Thank you for all of you who came and supported her, you made her birthday the best.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn Anyone?

Anyone read "Breaking Dawn" yet? I am about half done right now and I won't write anything that will give anything away for anyone who hasn't started it (although you may not want to read other's comments). I just want to know anyone's thoughts on it? Team Edward or team Jacob? I am a huge Edward fan and I must admit that I am completely obsessed with these books and since my husband just makes fun of me, I need someone to obsess over them with me. Anyone?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Modbe Sale:

Just wanted to get the word out that modbe is having a big sale on their full inventory that is left from summer season. They are bringing out their new line in a month and are trying to get rid of everything. So go to and check out the sale. You can shop under my name by just clicking on the bottom of the page where it says "find your fashion consultant." You just have to type in my name and state and it should pull up very easily. They have tons of swimsuits and other cute clothing left so check it out.

I fly...

Last weekend Cade's parents took all the boys to the "I fly" in downtown Ogden (it's the indoor stimulator that makes you feel like your skydiving). It was a blast to watch. I want to do it when I'm not pregnant, so maybe we'll go back for my birthday next year. Cade was so funny, he was scared to death (even though he doesn't really admit it). He looks hilarious doing it. Here are some pics, I hope you enjoy them as much as me.