Friday, August 22, 2008

Girls Camp:

I have been slow posting about girls camp because I was only home for one day and then I packed up and left for Park City with Cade's family for the week. I haven't had a chance to upload my pics to my computer so I can share them but I will add them later. I just wanted to post about a few highlights of girls camp.

*Being with all the leader's (we had the best time together and everyone got along so well)

*We did a "Hold to the Rod" course that was so amazing. I think I got more out of it then the girls did but I hope it made an everlasting impression on them. It was extremely spiritual and I bawled through the whole thing.

*Lake time on the canoe's (although I opted to use a paddle boat instead), I got to watch one of the leaders canoes tip over and not once but twice. It was hilarious.

*I loved the challange course, I watched the girls go through the high wire part and it was so fun to watch them challenge themselves.

*Of course testimony meeting is always a huge highlight, it's always nice and refreshing to bare your testimony but it is the best to hear the girls. They have such sweet spirits and testimonies and I really did learn a lot from them.

*Watching all the girls get soaked by the Bishop and Brother Jones (I sure was glad that I stayed out of it). I have to say the men were the worst with the water fightss. It was against the rules but shhh don't tell anyone.

*We had an activity based on cinnimon rolls (it sounds silly but it was awesome). I don't want to make it too long so I'll leave out the details but it gave the girls a chance to really open up to eachother and get to know some of the girls they didn't know very well.

Overall girls camp was amazing and I just feel blessed to have my calling. I left camp with so much more then I went with. I always feel so good after spending a few days with the girls and spending time getting closer to my Heavenly Father. I'm so thankful for all the help I had from the leaders, they made it all work out perfectly. Thanks for reading (sorry it's so long). I'll post my pics later.


Brad & Britt said...

sounds like you were able to do alot of fun things! I swear that I learn more from the young women than they do from me! but it is such a blessing to be a part of it! You honestly have got to be such a great leader for those girls! Your blog is soo cute too, i love the template you have!

Nic said...

Can I just say that I am not impressed with my new calling! They released me from assistant camp director. All I can say is boohoo. We are going to have to get together and do our own girls camp occassionally. I guess I'll only see your husband now. I love ya kelsey. It was great to serve with you. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Thanks for your great example and wisdom. You are awesome.