Tuesday, October 28, 2008

hAlLoWeEn FuN...

This past weekend we had so much going on. My mother-in-law has the funnest halloween party every year with just our intermediate family. She always goes all out and makes all sorts of good halloween decorated treats and we have soup. The food is always yummy but her games are even better. She had the funnest little games planned for the kids along with a couple crafts. She had so much stuff to do that we ran out of time. It was a lot of fun though and we are already looking forward to next year.

Then on Saturday night my sister hosted her annual halloween party. She rents out Roy Rec center and has it there so there is lots of room for fun and games. Me and Cade dressed up as a pregnant nun and he was a priest. We were kind of lame this year but I was limited with being prego and all. Everyone dressed up in the best costumes and we played lots of games. We had a donut eating contest (I chose to opt out of that one), we had a little relay where we had to pinch a penny between our legs while trying to walk and then had to drop it into a pumpkin, we wrapped up a team mate in toilet paper like a mummy, we passed balls to eachother only using our legs. It was a lot of fun, my fam is pretty competitve so the games get kind of crazy. I love Halloween, and am so glad I have these fun traditions with our families. Here are some pics of our fun weekend and if you can't tell Mais is a kitty but its hard to tell because she won't keep her ears on and I didn't get around to painting her wiskers and her nose.

These are the two winners of the costume prizes...

I had to share this pic though because I thought these two were good...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black Island Farms...

One of my friends invited me to go with their cute family to Black Island Farms last night for family night (unfortunetly Cade had school so he couldn't come). It was so much fun, Mais loved it so much. We went to the courtyard and did the slides and the train ride, Mais is a huge fan of the slides. The hayride was a blast, Mais just held on and looked over the edge the whole time. We also got to pick out pumpkins, what a fun family activity. Hopefully Cade will be able to join us next time. Here are some pics...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

gIrLs WeEkEnD...

Here are some pics and a run down of my girls weekend. We had such a blast, it is always a crazy experience when I get away with all my crazy cousins for the weekend. I love and cherish the memories we are making and can't wait until next year. Here are a few things we did...

*Went shopping at the outlets in Park City
*Told lots of scary stories until we freaked ourselves out to the point of peeing our pants
*Had leg and arm wrestling wars
*Had a dance off
*Ate so much junk food we all thought our stomachs were going to burst
*Watched a scary movie
*Went on a spooky walk through the woods late at night
*Laughed ourselves into convulsions and tears
*Froze my cousin's bra
*Gave pedicures

Here are some pics...
This is me, my mom, and my siter-in-law Amy getting ready to head out:

This is my Aunt Jean... she is nuts and that's why she is so much fun:

This is my mom and two of her sisters:

This is me and my cousin Court laughing at my cousin's frozen bra (remember I just woke up so I look like crap)

This is just a bunch of the girls cuddled up on the couch:

This is my cousin in my other cousin's bra since her's was frozen:

The rest is just us dancing and leg wrestling:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So ExCiTeD aNd So NeEdEd:

I am headed off to my aunts cabin tomorrow for the weekend. We are having a girls weekend with all the cousins in my fam. I am so excited and can't help but to keep thinking about how much I need a little getaway. This is a yearly tradition we do and it is always a blast! I will post all about it with pics when I get back, until then...