Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kay's shirt...

Here's a pic of the shirt she wore! (Refer to the next post)

I can't believe I forgot...

I forgot to post the most exciting part of our camping trip! My sister Kaylee anounced that she is pregnant. She is due Jan. 7th! We are so excited, we have been waiting for this for far too long. They announced it when she showed up with a t-shirt on that said "I'm pregnant" on the front. My family couldn't be more excited. Congrats sis, I love ya and I know you're going to be a fantastic mother.

Monday, May 26, 2008

CaMp TrIp DoWn MeMoRiAl LaNe...

My family has a yearly tradition of going camping on Memorial Weekend. This year we were so bummed when my dad was threatening to cancel due to the weather conditions. Somehow we talked him into just moving it down South where the weather was supposed to be better. So for the first time we went South and we had a blast, but we did miss my family members that were unable to come (some due to a late pregnancy and others that didn't want to drive that far). Our camping trip included, lots and lots of 4-wheeling, exploring ghost towns, hiking through Goblin Valley, exploring mines, and arrow head hunting. The best was the scary stories around the camp fire with the kids, we had them so scared that they were crying (you have to realize they love it, they ask us to do it every year). We told stories of the green eyed cat as me and my brother took 2 flash lites up on the mountain and shined them through a green shirt as he made cat sounds. They were scared out of their minds, but they couldn't stop talking about it the next day. Cade took his dad's dirt bike up and everyone had a blast on it. Cade wrecked pretty hard (luckily he and the bike were both ok thanks to his helmet and all his protective gear). I saw the whole thing and it scared me to death so I'm glad he is ok. To sum it up it was an adventerous weekend and one that we will never forget. Here are a few pics and there will be more to come...

We found this awesome mine that went pretty far back, it was pretty interesting.

This is my brother Jared on the top of this huge rock. He climbed up it not thinking about how he would get back down. Luckily he didn't get hurt but it made him a little nervous.

Maisey is just enjoying being outside (we had to keep her in her chair when she was outside because she wanted to eat all the rocks and dirt).

This is Cade the first day we were there (he was really happy to be there)!

This is me, my nephew Gavin, and my brother Jason.

This is the inside of an abandoned house we found, kinda cool...

This is the outside...

This is an old abandoned car that was left with the house...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Run Baby Run...

So I am feeling very brave and ambitious lately, so I've decided to train to run a half marathon in October. For those of you who don't know, I have never been a runner. I have always wanted to be but I have always hated it and it has never come naturally for me (I literally feel like I'm going to die doing it). Therefore, the time has come to try and live out my dream. I am feeling very motivated right now so hopefully I can keep it up. I am starting out extremely slow and working my way into it. If anyone out there has ran a marathon or is big into running, any advice will be appreciated. Oh and by the way if anyone would like to join me, the invitation is always open.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

gIrLs CaMp...

So for those of you who don't know, I am the girls camp director in my ward and this year we are going to Heber Valley. I have never been up there and yesterday they had an open house for anyone to go up and tour the whole camp. So, me and some of the other leaders cruised up there to check out our camp site. Let me just say that I couldn't be more excited for camp. We have a huge pavillion to ourselves with a huge kitchen, our own bathroom (one for the leaders and one for the girls), and a huge open space for games and activities. We really did luck out getting reservations and I am just thankful to be in a cabin after last years "very wet" experience. Anyone been to Heber Valley before?

nIgHt GaMeS:

So last night me, Cade, and a few of our neighbor's spontaneously decided to play kick the can. So we put our kids down for the night, got our black gear on, met in the middle of all our yards and let the games begin. I felt like a little kid again but it was seriously so much fun. Sometimes I think it is important to do things that bring out your young side. We seriously had a blast and I can't wait until we do it again (because I know we will, it was too much fun not to).

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ToP tWo... (American Idol)

My boy, David Archuleta, has made it to the top two and I couldn't be happier. Who does everyone think is going to win? I have always thought that Archuleta would take the whole thing but Cook is giving him a run for his money. Archuleta has got ot step it up next week if he want to take home the title. I guess I would be ok with either one of them winning because they are both great and I would probably buy both of their cd's. But I have to stick with Archuleta because I have liked him from day 1, and I can't help but to love how humble he is.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sad New's On Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is such a special day and I really enjoy reflecting on the amazing things my mother does as a woman, friend, and mother. So I always enjoy that part of Mother's Day. However, yesterday we got a phone call early on in the day that my 12 year old niece's father passed away throughout the night Saturday night. My sister was married to him for one short year but he has always been a very big part of my niece's life and they have had a very close relationship. Death always makes you put your life into perspective. On any day and at any given time you can have a loved one taken from you. It really made me realize how much I take all my close friends and family for granite. This is a hard time for my sister and her daughter's and for his family, so just please keep them in your prayers.

Friday, May 9, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

Here you go Tina...

4 things I was donig 10 years ago:

- Going to school at North Ogden Junior High (9th grade)
- Living with my Dad and his ex-wife (wife at the time)
- Got my first "boyfriend" (if you want to call it that)
- Fighting with my brother Jake constantly (we were just at that age)

4 things I was doing 5 years ago:

- Doing nails at Shaidz Salon in Riverdale
- Traveling to Logan all the time to do the College scene with my friend Crys
- Playing softball on my family softball team (miss those days)
- Living with my mom in Roy

4 shows I love to watch:

- American Idol
- The Hills
- Lost
- Survivor

4 things that make me happy:

- Cader (that's his nickname... I didn't spell it wrong)
- Mais
- Diet Coke
- A clean house

Tag: Trisha, Corinne, Natalie

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My own website:

I have my own official website through modbe now. The site is If anyone would like to order anything you can do it on that site. Also I have my kit now so if anyone would like to try things on I have different sized at my house, and you are welcome any time to come try on. Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

DoCtOrS aRe ThE wOrSt...

So today I had Maisey's 9 month check up and I thought I was off the hook with shots because they don't normally give shots at the 9 monther but she didn't have her hep B shot done in the hospital so she is a little behind. They gave that to her today, but by my amazement she didn't even cry. She was so brave, too bad mommy isn't so brave. I hate needles and they just jab that thing in there, it is seriously the worst! But just thought I would update everyone on her stats...

Height- 25% (she's is freakin short)
Weight- 55% (she is up to 18lbs 13oz)
Head- 40% (at least she doesn't have a big head)

So she is just growing like crazy. However, the best news is that her ears looked great! Yeah, hopefully we are in the clearing of no more ear infections!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

CrAzY gIrL...

So for those of you who can't tell what this picture is... she is sitting on the bottom shelf of her changing table. She is out of control. I left her in her room for like 5 minutes while I made my bed and hung up some clothes. I go walking into her bedroom and she has climbed up onto that shelf and was just playing. I had to take a picture because it was too funny. Anyone have a miracle way to take back her being mobile? Its too much work :)