Sunday, May 18, 2008

nIgHt GaMeS:

So last night me, Cade, and a few of our neighbor's spontaneously decided to play kick the can. So we put our kids down for the night, got our black gear on, met in the middle of all our yards and let the games begin. I felt like a little kid again but it was seriously so much fun. Sometimes I think it is important to do things that bring out your young side. We seriously had a blast and I can't wait until we do it again (because I know we will, it was too much fun not to).


tinabean1988 said...

That's Awesome!!!
Life is way more fun when you live it like that!!!
I wish we had neighbors or even friends that would do that with us.
Stay young never grow up!

Natalie and Dave Shaw said...

how fun! that sounds like a blast! i wish we had fun neighboors to play with!! ha i just read the comment above mine...she wrote the exact same thing!! ha ha too funnY!