Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Holy Cow...

it has been way too long! It has been a crazy busy summer and I have been slacking on my blog so much but I am making it a point to get better at keeping it updated. Our summer has been full of lots of fun things including; the zoo, lots of lagoon, lots of swimming, a fun week in Park City with the Miller clan, Maisey's 2nd birthday, and a few attempts at potty training. The potty training hasn't gone so well, she will do fine going #2 on the potty but not #1. I know its silly because most kids will be the opposite, but Mais doesn't do anything by the book :) So we have decided to take a break from the potty training because we leave for our cruise in 2 1/2 weeks so we can try again when we get back. Here is a quick update on what my kids have been up to:

*Maisey is talking a ton more and is really starting to show her little (or should I say big?) personality. She is such a little social butterfly and loves playing with other kids whenever she gets the chance. She is learning her color's but it is a slow process. She turned 2 on August 3rd and enjoyed sharing her birthday with all her little cousin's, aunt's and uncle's, and grandma's and grandpa's. She got so spoiled from everyone and got lots of fun new toys. She loved the monkey's at the zoo, she couldn't get enough of them it was so cute. She is loving being a big sister and loves to help feed Beckham. She will be a great little mother one day.

*Beckham is getting so big way too fast! He is so close to crawling, he will be taking off any day. He loves to roll around and love his little sister. He has no teeth yet but I think they are coming soon. He is such a happy little guy, and he has a way of making everyone smile around him. He is loving baby food and chow's it down. It crazy how much they are changing all the time at this age.

Me and Cade have had lots of fun this summer. We really enjoyed the break from school and getting to spend all our evenings together. Cade is back in school and is gone 3 nights a week. We hate the nights he is gone late but are glad he is working hard at school. Cade started playing on a soccer team with some friends and is loving that but is definitely feeling it in his old rusty body :) I have kept myself busy with the kids and doing nails. I have really enjoyed baking lately and even got brave and did some freezer jam which turned out yummy. We are looking forward to a vacation but scared to leave the kids for 8 days. However it will be so nice to spend some time as just a couple and not "mommy and daddy." Well here are some random pics of some of our activities this summer...
Maisey gets big girl panties:

Maisey's 2 yr birthday party:

Me and my friend made Maisey's cake, isn't it cute? Thanks Linds for the help!

Beckham's 1st hair cut:

The Zoo:


Kevin and Corinne said...

that cake is so impressive! maybe i could solicit your help for Mercedes first birthday ;)

Charlee said...

You have adorable kids. I am so happy you posted new pics. We miss them BAD! Thanks for the updates, and have a great trip if I don't talk to you before you leave.