Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Why can't they always be this innocent and sweet? I feel bad airing my durty laundry on my blog but I have had a really hard time with this little one lately. I have found myself just being more and more impatient with her all the time. I guess now I know why people are always saying "Oh just wait until the terrible 2's." I think she has hit them a couple months early. I guess I just need to know if there is something I can do that I don't know about. She is so naughty, she hits and bites and pulls hair sometimes and I will put her in timeout and she doesn't care. She really would sit there for 10 minutes if I would let here and she doesn't make a peep, I have tried swatting her bum or pulling her hair back or even biting her back and none of these things seem to impact her at all. If I am on the phone or folding laundry (or anything where I can't give her my full attention) she will hit or pinch Beckham to get my attention. I know sometimes the negative attention is what she is looking for but I have to give her that when she is hurting Beckham because I cannot put up with that. It is so frusturating because I know she is still little and doesn't fully understand everything I just never thought I would have "that child." I feel like I am doing everything I have ever been taught to do to teach her and nothing works. So I guess what I am asking is what am I doing wrong?

By the way I do LOVE her dearly and love being a mom, I have just found it a bit more challenging lately. Those little smiles she gives me or when she says "mom" and I say "what" and she says "I love you" is what gets me through every day and helps me keep my sanity. So I wouldn't change her for the world I just need to learn how to deal with a few things a little better. So any advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks for letting me vent. I do feel better now, well kind of :)


Mauri said...

completely normal feelings as a mommy of an almost two-year old....you hit it on the head though....she just wants your full attention. although you can't give it to her ALL the time with being a mom to another baby and needing to keep a household together and give hubby some attention, i am learning (and i fail at it everyday and then try again the next day...) that if i spend more time on the ground playing with my children, listening to them and really enjoying them (they grow up so fast and we will never have this time again!!) that they are so much more behaved. they love you and want to be with you. i am doing less for me (like blogging and cleaning....) and more with them and we are all happier. like i said, it is a minute by minute challenge and you have other obligations, but if you can try to spend some quality time with mais several times a day, maybe it will help...good luck!

Darbee said...

Oh Kels,
You are a wonderful Mom! I know it's hard... I remember feeling the same way when Belle was born. I think when I remembered that Briggs was still a baby too... and that I needed to be more patient with him, give him more "mommy" time, and make sure I spent ALONE time with him.
That was when we all started getting along better and having better, happier days. I can't wait to get back to Utah to see those babies of yours. Maybe my kids will bring a little distraction. We'd LOVE to take Mais off your hands for a while and play, play, play. Can't wait! Love you... Hang in there! :)

trish said...

Kels, you are the best and your kids LOVE you to death. As you know, Zach is CRAZY and something that has helped with him is to make sure he gets all his energy out during the day. He is a much happier child when he has run around at the park or done some bike riding with the neighbors. We need to get together more often and let Mais and Zach use up all the toddler energy.