Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hike and Concert:

These pic were taken last weekend at the hike we went on. My niece's father died one year ago and they did a little memorial for him last weekend with a hike and a BBQ. We could only do some of the hike because Cade's soccer team had a game and we also had Eagles tickets. We had such a nice day hiking for a couple hours and then going to the concert. The concert was amazing and it was nice to go on a date with Cade. Thanks Kara for inviting us and including us in the special day for Mike and thanks Tandee and Jake for the concert tickets. Doesn't Beckham look kinda like a gansta here? We had to cover his poor head to keep it from the hot sun, he sure is handsome though and I love the close up pic of him!


Tinabean said...

It looks like fun.
I can't believe it's already been a year.
This year is 5 years Steve's been gone.
Time really does go by way to fast.
I'm glad you & Cade got to go on a nice date.

TanDee said...

Such cute pictures and I am so glad you guys had fun at the concert!