Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I finally got my Florida pics from my sister so I thought I would post some pics and tell you all about my trip. I went to Florida with my mom, my sister Kaylee, my sister Kara and her two girls Shelsey and Madison. I left Mais at home with Dad and had a really fun girls trip. Cade actually really enjoyed the time with Mais.

The first day there we hung out at the hotel and just did dinner because we got there late in the afternoon. The second day we went to Sea World which is my fav. If you have never been to Sea World in Florida, it has the funnest roller coaster ever, it's really intense. The third day we went to the beach, which is always a blast. We had the most fun just jumping the waves and doing all sorts of tricks into them, it was probably my favorite day. The forth day we went to Universal Studios which it was my first time ever going, I loved it so much. I am such a thrill seeker and I love doing rides so it was a perfect day for me. My favorite ride was Spider Man. The next day we had a pool day which was really nice to just be able to relax and be lazy for a day. The day I left my plane didn't leave until 5:30 PM so my sis took me shopping and then we did lunch. We had so much fun but I missed Cade and Mais so much, I was ready to come home by the end. Mais was a little clingy when I got home but surprisingly she did pretty good without me. I hope you enjoy the slide show!


Lindsay Cutler said...

Hey Kels-

Do you still need the info about the magnet boards? I have it if you do. Mais is getting cuter everyday I think. We really need to get together!!