Friday, March 21, 2008

First Post

Hello friends, we are so excited to be creating a blog so that we can keep all our close friends informed on our lives. We hope you can enjoy sharing it too. Everything is so good in the Miller household. Mais is getting to be so much fun as she grows. She is really starting to show her personality as she gets older and she is so happy (most of the time!). Her smile can brighten up anyones day. I believe she is days away from crawling, she's SO SO close. She is so ready to just get into everything, this worries me very much. Cade is doing so well with his job and he is still loving coaching his girls soccer team. I am loving staying home with Mais and wathing her learn and grow. I am doing a little bit of nails from my home and really enjoy that too. Life is really good for us right now and we just look forward to what is to come. We hope everyone is doing well. Thats all for now...